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Ikea futon

Hello there, and thank you for taking a look at our site. We hope to give you all the information you need when you are choosing an Ikea futon for your home. They currently have quite a few different models on offer, so which one will be best for you? How much do they cost, and what is the warranty? Keep reading to find out more.

What is the best Ikea futon?

First off there is a very important distinction we should make here. Ikea refer to all their  futons as sofa beds with mattress choices. We aren’t too sure why their marketing department decided to do this, but in recent years the line has been blurred between the two in terms of differences, so this is why we think they decided to stick with calling them that. To avoid any confusion we will refer to them as futons in the rest of this article. There are traditional differences between futons and sofa beds which we will briefly outline below.
A sofa bed normally folds out to reveal the bed portion, and has a slightly thicker mattress. Due to the larger mattress size and frame it is generally a bit heavier than a futon. It is often quite difficult to tell apart a sofa from a sofa bed.
A futon normally contains two separate bits – a mattress and a frame. The frame comes in steel or wood choices, and folds in the middle to flatten out and be used as a bed. Futons are lighter and more portable, so this is often preferred by folks who need to be able to move the bed with ease.  Futons also tend to be a little cheaper too since they take less material to build.
So what are some of the more popular Ikea futon models?


First up is the Lycksele Lovas futon. This is their budget range futon, and the price for this model is a very low $199. At this price you can’t expect a luxury item, but you do get a solid set of features with it. The sofa bed frame is made of steel, and the futon folds out to allow more than enough space for two people. There are three different mattress options to choose from, and a range of different covers to suit your current decor. The covers are easy to remove, and are machine washable. If you want a simple no frills Ikea futon, then this is a great choice.


Next up we will be looking at one of the mid range futons, the Beddinge Murbo. This is quite familiar to the Lycksele as discussed above with a few differences. It has a easy to remove washable cover, and has several different types of cover to suit most homes. You can choose from 3 different types of mattresses, but the main difference on this model is the top of the mattress. The mattress is a made of firm polyurethane foam, but has a layer of high resilience foam at the top which molds to the shape of your body to provide a comfortable and well supported nights rest. The size of this Ikea futon is roughly that of a double bed, and it has another good advantage. It can be used with the Beddinge storage box ($29.99) which is designed to slide under the futon. This storage box can hold all the required bedding material for yourself or guests, for example pillows, comforters and blankets. You can also buy matching Beddinge headrests to make the futon more comfortable during the daytime, and also matching Beddinge cushions which can be used as armrests or back supports. Coming in at a price of $279 this is a great value for money choice that will suit most households.

PS MURBO Ikea futon

One of Ikeas top futons is the PS Murbo. It has a price tag of $399, which is double that of their entry level futon. Does the extra price justify the purchase?
Like the Beddinge Murbo it has a steel frame and washable covers which come in several different varieties. The mattress is polyurethane foam and has the high resilience foam on top for optimal comfort. The size of the extended bed is a bit larger than the previous two models so this is one such advantage of this unit. The main advantage comes with the inclusion of wheels on this unit. This makes the Ikea futon much easier to move around, which is big advantage if you need to move it often, and makes cleaner under and behind it a breeze. If you want a storage box for this futon, the IKEA PS storage box ($34.99) is designed to compliment this unit, and has more than enough storage space to cover all your bedding needs.

Which futon will suit you best?

Above we have talked about some of the more popular futons currently available from Ikea. They are all a good choice, but what you need all depends what your main intended usage will be. If you think the futon will only be slept on every once in a while, then the budget Lycksele Lovas should be more than adequate for your needs. If you intend to use the futon as a replacement bed, then one of the futons with the high density foam on top is a must for prolonged comfort and support. Think about this carefully, then try to weigh the pros and cons of the different models and prices.
If you don’t have a local Ikea store, then you will need to look online to see some of the models in more detail. Ikea models are sold in several online stores, so you should look around online first to see what types of deals you can find. Remember that Ikea is a world renowned brand, and has been in business for over 75 years. An Ikea futon is a excellent choice, and will give you many years of great comfort and rest!